Tyler & Scobie is a family owned and operated business in Brooklyn New York. All of our made to order furnishings are designed and fabricated in our Brooklyn facility. 

Chase Tyler and Bradford Scobie met in 1990 at Emerson College in Boston where Bradford was studying Acting and Illustration and Chase was studying Theater Design.

Over their 30+ year marriage they built separate careers and businesses  in the design and entertainment industries, but collaborated on many projects together including theatrical shows, children’s books, designing their homes and raising their two children Henry and Annie. Tyler & Scobie is the culmination of their collaborative relationship and their kids are now learning the family trade. 

Tyler and Scobie design high quality, fun and functional furniture and décor. Each piece is handmade with attention to detail and quality. We prioritize design, craftsmanship, comfort and high-quality materials throughout our process.